Downloadable Files
Files are created with Google Docs or Google Sheets and will open in your default editor. There may be some formatting loss when opening with Excel. Links to files will be downloaded to your device. If a notification does not appear check your download folder. There is difference between the functionality with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. The files below do have an Excel counterpart that is more in depth. If you would like a copy of the Excel files just let us know and we will email you a copy. 
Trip Planning Estimator
Trip estimator to plan for the expenses of fuel and dockage. The first page has instructions on what to fill out. The formulas are not locked if you want to adjust them.
Trip Estimator

Trip Cost Estimator

Maintenance File
Track repairs, maintenance and upgrades. There are sheets for vital information and RPM tracking along with an expense overview graph. The formulas are not locked if you want to adjust them.
maintenance book cover

Maintenance Book Cover Page

Maintenance Page

Maintenance Page

Mechanical documentation page

Mechanical Documentation Page

RPM Tracker

RPM Tracking Log Page

Trip Log
Track your daily trip. It calculates your total NM traveled, time and speed. The fuel log portion tracks fuel purchases, engine hours and calculates a simple GpNM. The formulas are not locked if you want to adjust them.
Cover page of trip log

Cover Page

Fuel log page of trip log

Fuel Log Page

Trip log page of trip log

Trip Log Page

Heading Calculations
For those of you that want to use paper maps to calculate headings and turns, this is a simple sheet to help you keep track of that. Use a map to determine your course heading and turns for longer legs.  Enter the heading, distance and expected speed on the sheet to get the time of travel in hours and minutes to your turn.

Headings Time Calculations

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